5/3/2024 - Version 30
I updated the game, lmao. I was porting various old websites over to a new server and remembered that blacksmith crafting is broken because the Torque TCP object expects unchunked HTTP/1.0. There doesn't seem to be a way to get a modern web server to give you that, so I made a minimal change to the client scripts to skip the download and just use your local files.


I also added a few old videos to the media page, and converted them to mp4/webm to play in the browser.
5/10/2007 - Blockland
Hey if you somehow got here without hearing about my other game, Blockland, then you should go check it out.


4/3/2006 - Version 24
Version 24 is out. I've also updated the installer so you don't have to update 12 times or whatever.


Added recently:
  • Players can put things up for sale in the shop
  • Blacksmith can craft things for you
2/13/2006 - Version 17
Version 17 is out.

A basic stats system has been implemented although there are no levels. Other changes include improved ai and monster spawning systems, dynamite, a bank and a post office.

Don't forget that there are FORUMS. I'll put real link to them up eventually.
11/13/2005 - Version 10
Version 10 is out.

A couple people are having problems with the auto-updater. If you get some kind of error while updating, just download the version 10 installer from the downloads page and re-install.
10/16/2005 - New Host/Forums
Due to data loss and reliability problems with Brinkster, we've moved over to a new host.

The forums are back up here
If you registered within the past 3 months, you will have to re-register. Sorry.
8/27/2005 - v0006 + Auto-Update Troubles
There were two problems with the auto-updater that required two patches to fix. So now we're up to version 6.

If you got version 4, you should be able to get the patches via the auto-updater, but it might crash. If it crashes, just restart the game manually and you should be fine.
8/26/2005 - v0004 Released
Version 4 is up in the DOWNLOADS section.

This new version includes an auto-updater, so hopefully you wont have to manually install patches anymore after this.
It also changes the lightmaps on most of the buildings which should speed up load times and reduce memory usage.
5/4/2005 - v0003 Patch Released
This patch should speed up mission lighting. The horse model is in the patch, but it is not available in the game yet.

Get it in the Downloads section.
5/1/2005 - Connection Problems
Apparently, for some people, the mission lighting has been taking so long that they can't actually connect to the server. I've removed the hedge maze which should speed up lighting time quite a bit.

If you have any other problems, please post them on the FORUM
4/30/2005 - v0002 Released.
Check the Download Section.

This update is a required upgrade for everyone. It quite a few bugs and adds a few things too.
Things you should know:
  • You can now chat locally by pressing Y
  • You can now resist being "rescued" by pressing jump (default = spacebar)
  • If you die in a named zone and respawn, you will now respawn within that zone.
There is a complete list of changes in the Dev Log.
4/26/2005 - v0001 Released!
It's not much more than 3D chat, but I thought people might want to see it anyway.
Some things you should know:
  • All the swords and shields are the same.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
Head on over to the download section and check it out. Join me on the official server!
02/07/2005 - Website Online
The site is now online. I've updated the change log and the media section. I've made a lot of progress on the game. My goal now is to get the first dungeon completely working with a cool prize at the end of it. Then I'll wrap that up in a nice little gameplay package and have some sort of a public play test.
12/21/2004 - Update
I've added a video of the character creation system. Check it out in the media section.
12/07/2004 - Site Construction Started
This is the first real news post. Here is a link! link!