What is this?
This is the official website for an action/rpg game that I am working on by myself using the Torque Engine
The game is an attempt to blend the combat of first person shooters with the character building and leveling aspects of rpg games.

The game is designed to be played online with up to 30 other players at once. Character information is stored on the server you connect to and is not transferred between servers. The idea is to build up a community around a particular server.

I am creating this game for fun and to learn about the Torque Engine. The game is currently free.
The engine
I built this game using the Torque Engine. The Torque engine is the game engine behind hit game Tribes 2. For $100 anyone can buy the engine and recieve the full source code to modify as they please.

The inspiration for this game comes from my experience in working on the Tribes RPG mod. I created most of the character textures for the mod and I also hosted a server for a while, created many quests, and changed the code around a little. My experience with the game gave me a lot of insight into what makes a game like this fun and also how completely irrationally insane people will get as they compete for virtual possessions.